SEO Today: Why–and How–Your Approach Must Change

Posted by Janet Hutchens on Jul 25, 2016 5:22:03 PM

For some reason I have been bombarded with SEO questions this week. With the ever increasing competition on the web to be top in your keyword rankings, concerns and confusion about SEO best practices are a hot topic right now.

Let's be clear–there is no silver bullet. SEO practices have changed and will continue to change. It used to be that you could build a website, have your SEO guy work his magic at the back end of the site, and be done with it. But those days are long gone. SEO is an ongoing process that requires frequent attention. Google and other search engines are evolving–and so must your SEO strategies.

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The Benefits of Landing Pages

Posted by Janet Hutchens on Jun 30, 2016 3:55:09 PM

Landing pages, also known as lead capture pages, are an absolute “must have” element for any and all websites – not only to generate leads but for a host of other important reasons.

What Exactly Is a Landing Page?

Oli Gardner, cofounder of Unbounce says, “Landing pages are a focused and customized sales pitch specifically designed to get your visitor to take an action.” It’s a separate page on your website where a visitor can download information related to your industry, products, and services in the form of an ebook, infographic, white paper, video, etc. in exchange for his or her name, email, and other pertinent information you want to gather.

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