Say Goodbye to the Spaghetti Days.  Say Hello to the New Rules of Marketing

Posted by Janet Hutchens on Mar 3, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Have you consulted your marketing crystal ball lately? I’m guessing it’s filled with charts, statistics and figures which is the new yellow brick road to marketing success. “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

iStock_000026708026Medium.jpgLong gone are the “spaghetti days”, where you’d throw out an ad or campaign and see if it stuck. Marketing in the past was heavy on theories and short on facts but that has entirely changed in this data-driven age. The use of marketing analytics software to track your customers and prospects every move has transformed the marketing world where A/B testing is the norm, and careful tracking and analysis is done to determine the best return on the investment. Marketing campaigns now have measurable bottom lines.

How do I decipher all of this data? What data matters to my business? To determine what data matters to your business, begin with creating some conversion goals. What do you really want your customers to do?
Visit your website’s new product page
Join your Subscribe list
Like your Facebook page

Once you’ve set some goals, the data will show you where you can improve your inbound marketing to reach those conversion goals. Such improvements may be:
Include buttons and offers on your homepage so visitors travel through your site and don’t just stop on the homepage
Add more offers and landing pages to capture emails
Move your social media buttons to the top of the page

Nothing is set in stone on the internet which it why we love it so. There are multiple benefits to keeping your websites engaging, vibrant, and current. People like things changed around, but not too much. New images and offers are usually welcome but don’t make dramatic changes a regular thing. Ever notice how stores change around their merchandise but the sections of the store remain consistent? Keep the sections or blocks of your website the same and change up the content. This presents your visitor with new and exciting experiences without confusing their journey through your website.

Another huge, and I mean HUGE, benefit is that Google loves new content. This keeps your site current and highly ranked within your desired keyword searches. Traditional SEO is a thing of the past. Your content is what keeps your website ranking highly and the more changes the better. Blogs and video content are a sure-fire way to add relevant and engaging content. The value of one minute of video is estimated at 1.8 million words which is the equivalent of 3,600 typical web pages. Now that’s powerful. (The Power of Video).

Now that you’ve set conversion goals and changed things up on your website, it’s time to give the crystal ball another look. Numbers don’t lie. Let them show you the way to success. By analyzing the data regularly, you will begin to understand your prospects patterns and habits. Use that insight to design a sales process that will capture more leads and convert them into paying customers.

And you thought you’d never use math again.


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